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Boards / Commissions

    All appointed City of Plymouth boards and commissions are volunteer based.  Citizens who wish to serve are invited to complete an online application submitted to the City Clerk or mail an application to:
Plymouth City Clerk
201 S. Main St.
Plymouth, MI 48170.  

You may also submit your application via email to   or fax at 734-455-1892.

Meeting Schedule

Below is a listing of the various boards and commissions that operate in the City of Plymouth. 
Board / Commission  Meeting Date & Time  Meeting Location

Brownfield Redevelopment Authority

As needed City Hall
201 S. Main

Cemetery Board of Trustees

Fourth Monday in May, annually.
Additional meetings as needed.
Riverside Cemetery
680 Plymouth Rd.

City Commission

7:00 pm
First and third Monday of every month

City Hall
201 S. Main

Downtown Development Authority

7:00 pm
Second Monday of every month

City Hall
201 S. Main

Historic District

7:00 pm
First Wednesday of every month

City Hall
201 S. Main

Housing Commission

Quarterly City Hall
201 S. Main

Local Liquor Review Committee

As needed City Hall
201 S. Main

Planning Commission

7:00 pm
Second Wednesday of every month
City Hall
201 S. Main

Zoning Board of Appeals

7:00 pm
First Thursday of every month
City Hall
201 S. Main

City of Plymouth Strategic Plan 2017-2022

GOAL  I  - QUALITY OF LIFE                                                                       


  1. Support the neighborhoods with high-quality customer service
  2. Engage in collaboration with private entities and surrounding municipalities to implement the Joint Recreation Master Plan
  3. Improve communication with the public across multiple platforms
  4. Maintain a high level of cleanliness throughout the City
  5. Support and host a diverse variety of events that foster community and placemaking                                                                                             

ONE YEAR TASKS 2019-2020

  • Restore operations for recreation programs after Hines Park bridge repairs are completed
  • Explore funding and partnership opportunities to increase and enhance pedestrian crossings
  • Finalize City website update
  • Develop and adopt a Master Plan for Kellogg Park, including the fountain
  • Develop and implement strategy to market sponsorship opportunities to improve publicly owned assets
  • Draft and approve amendments to Tree Ordinance to clarify implementation, enforcement, and scope



  1. Approve balanced budgets that maintain fiscal responsibility
  2. Advocate for increased revenue sharing with the State of Michigan
  3. Encourage and engage in partnerships, both public and private, to share costs of services and equipment
  4. Address the issue of legacy costs
  5. Seek out and implement efficient and effective inter-departmental collaboration
  6. Market our successes to attract new economic and investment opportunities                                                                                                       

ONE YEAR TASKS 2019-2020

  • Continue to support Michigan Municipal League (MML) efforts to coordinate state initiatives related to revenue sharing with municipalities
  • Increase awareness of and support the MML Save MI City campaign
  • Target revenue enhancements that support large capital projects, including grants and millages
  • Explore internal and external potential for supplemental funding of legacy costs
  • Develop a plan for capital improvement funding projects and purchases
  • Explore enhanced investment opportunities

GOAL III  - ECONOMIC VITALITY                                                


  1. Continue to support and improve active, vibrant downtown branding
  2. Support community and economic development projects and initiatives
  3. Support a mix of industrial, commercial and residential development
  4. Reference the Master Plan in economic decision-making                                                                                                                     

ONE YEAR TASKS 2019-2020

  • Complete and approve the DDA Master Plan
  • Address and implement recommendations in the Redevelopment Ready Communities baseline report
  • Develop and approve city-wide economic development strategies (Saxton’s property, parking system, connections between Old Village and the DDA, Bathey property remediation and development, 240 N. Main, Lumber Mart site)
  • Identify other properties of significance to the economic development strategy
  • Complete a community survey
  • Increase collaborations with partners in the community
  • Administer the City’s  Master Plan using implementation matrix (Appendix Table 5)

GOAL IV  - SERVICE AND INFRASTRUCTURE                                


  1. Support administration and staff by providing professional development opportunities, supplying resources, and maintaining a commitment to recruitment, retention and succession planning
  2. Support and deliver safe and responsive emergency services
  3. Maintain a sophisticated and responsive technology to communicate and manage data
  4. Continually record, maintain, update, and improve City infrastructure

ONE YEAR TASKS 2019-2020

  • Begin implementation of parking recommendations for City parking system
  • Develop and utilize consistent message and branding across all platforms
  • Develop and approve of plan for future delivery of emergency services
  • Implement infrastructure asset management plan
  • Approve agreement on sanitary sewer with Western Township Utilities Authority (WTUA)