Fall Leaf Collection Schedule

Fall Leaf Collection Schedule
The City of Plymouth leaf collection program will continue through the first week of December, with pickup dates determined by your area.

City crews will pick up your bulk leaves from your curbside during your designated week. Access must be provided from the street. To ensure your leaves are removed quickly and safely, please follow these guidelines:

Park cars away from leaf piles – car exhaust systems may catch leaves on fire.

Avoid placing leaves over storm drains.

Keep storm drains free of leaves and clear leaves frequently to prevent street flooding.

Keep grass clippings, small branches, corn stalks, pumpkins, dirt, rocks, firewood, stumps, and root balls separate from bulk leaf piles. These items should be placed in a Kraft bag or compost can for regular compost collection.

Keep brush chipping limbs in a separate pile away from leaves.

Leaves may also be bagged or placed in a can for compost pickup.
leaf pickup map