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2020 Infrastructure Improvement Project
Posted on 09/19/2018
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The City of Plymouth is now in its 29th year of continuous street and infrastructure improvements, thanks to the voter-approved 2019 Street Improvement Bond. The ongoing efforts of the City to invest in our public utilities and roads have helped to keep the City a place where residents are proud to live.


In June 2020, the City of Plymouth completed the Dewey St. infrastructure improvements, including the replacement of the water main, a sanitary sewer repair, and a complete rebuild of the road surface. This project was the final phase of a multiyear program of rebuilding our infrastructure in the southeast portion of the City.

The City recently began the 2020 projects by repaving Main St. from Church to Wing. The street surface was milled and repaved and curbs were repaired. The current pedestrian crossing signals at the intersection of Ann Arbor Trail and Main will be upgraded and enhanced to allow for pedestrian control. In addition, the City will be adding a new pedestrian-controlled crossing signal at Main St. and Hartsough.


Main St. will also undergo a road diet before the end of the calendar year. South Main St. from Ann Arbor Rd. to Ann Arbor Tr. will be converted from four traffic lanes to three traffic lanes (one northbound, one southbound and a center turn lane) with bike lanes along the curb line of both sides. A more detailed explanation of road diets is on the next page.

Farmer St. from the railroad crossing to Blunk is being fully reconstructed. The project involves full replacement of the sanitary sewer main and the water main, replacement and repair of storm drains and catch basins, and a full rebuild of the road surface. Underground construction of the utility lines will be ongoing throughout the month of August. Road paving will begin when the underground construction is complete.


The panel and joint repair work will continue on Junction St. from Blunk to Karmada and will begin as soon as traffic is reopened on Farmer. The City will also be repaving N. Evergreen between Blanche and Farmer.

The 2020 Infrastructure Program is progressing on schedule. The entirety of the program is anticipated to extend through the end of summer with a projected completion in late September. The schedule is dependent on the continued favorable weather, equipment, material and crew availability and field conditions