United Way Community Service Award

United Way Community Service Award
Plymouth Community United Way Executive Director Marie Morrow and Chairman of the Board of Directors Louis Whitlock came to City Hall to present the City with a Community Service Award in recognition of outstanding support for our community during the pandemic.
The City worked on a number of food and supply issues with the United Way, especially early in the pandemic when things were crisis mode. We supplied facilities at the Cultural Center to assist with community distribution of food and health supplies, as well as a drop-off site for a food drive they held.
It was a great partnership that allowed us to refer people who were in a panic about their ability to get food and supplies without becoming infected. Working together, we were able to meet critical needs of the community.
"It's so easy to work with the City," said Morrow. "The staff at the Cultural Center just makes things happen and addresses our needs without a fuss.”
Thank you, City staff, for always going above and beyond when there's a need!